SPA etiqette

Are there any restrictions for the guests of “THAI SPA”, what is not common?

It is not common to make phone calls in the salon or talk loudly (not to distirb other guests).

It is preferable not to eat or drink much before the procedures.

We may not provide services for drunk people or in case of inadequate behaviour.

The salon is non-smoking zone.

If you would like to get aquainted with the salon interior, you need to change your shoes and if the massage rooms are free you may visit them in a company of our admnistrator.

To maintain order in our salon all guests need to change their shoes.

Valuable items – is the administration responsible, are there any conditions for safety?

We are responsible for your outwear. You should take valuable items with you into the room.

Is it possible to come to the salon right after work? Is it possible to have a shower? Is it necessary to change underwear?

“THAI SPA” has rooms with and without shower.

If you would like to have a shower you should check in advance which room is booked for you.

There is no need to bring anything with you.

Do you provide erotic massage services?

No, we do not! We provide the services of esthatic and relaxing massage. We have only therapeutic SPA-programms and every cue of “something different” is strictly restrained by both administrators and masters.

How many people may take the procedures at one time in “THAI SPA”?

The maximum quantity of people, who can be serviced in our salon, is three. As we have three masters and three massage rooms.

Tea ceremony…

Before the ceremony the guest is served with tea and dryed fruit. If a SPA-programm includes sauna ceremonies, the tea is served along with water. Tea ceremony is not incorporated in the treatment time.

Check in “THAI SPA” salon 

The check in is done impartially and does not depend on whether the guest has a “THAI SPA” Gift Certificate or not.


Dear Guests, our salon doesn’t not have a kids play room for waiting. Also, we do not wish people to wait around our salon for you to finish your treatment.

Products used during the procedures

Our salon uses only natural certified products from Thailand.

Tips – what are the rules – when do you leave it, to whom and how much?

Tips to the personnel are welcome, but are upto your discretion. If your would like to thank a Master you could tip them personally or leave the money to administrator. In any case, we would like to assure you, that no matter if you tip or not it will not influence the service quality.

There are so many various infections in Asia…

Our foreign masters are in a good sense “sick and tired” with medical check ups. Before recruiting a candidate undergoes a detailed check up in governmental Thai clinics, which have the right to provide labour permits; to obtain a Russian visa they undergo an international AIDS-test, in Russia – a thorough check up for obtaining a medical card and undergo regular medical tests. This control is very thorough.

What is the reaction of the personnel towards public, famous people? Will they not wish to communicate, take an autograph, etc.?

The reaction is dispassionate (of Thai personell for reasons well understood – very dispassionate). It is not rare, that popular people come to our salon, and they feel comfortable. Delicacy above all.

Dear Guests, we would like you to notice, that “THAI SPA” salon has a full right to change prices of the procedures. Please confirm procedure price before the treatment. If you have any questions about THAI SPA salon please email us.

With love, “THAI SPA” salon