Gift certificates

Every time before birthdays, celebrations, jubilee and corporate parties you ask yourself the same question: what gift can I present to make it memorable, valuable and gratefully appreciated? The answer is simple. You can deliver something unique for your friends, relatives, lovers and business partners: give them the enjoyment, secret rituals of beauty, give them the feeling of physical and emotional harmony. This present will be very special and unforgettable, you better believe. “THAI SPA” offers you to use the system of the gifts certificates, which can satisfy special tastes, preferences and budgets.

All the gift certificates are very stylish so you don’t have to wary about any gift wrapping issues.

Also, we can organise gift certificates delivery! The delivery cost is from 300 rubbels.

We have easy payment options:

  • Cash
  • Electronic payment terminal
  • Card

Important information:

Dear guests! Please pay your attention on the following information:

  • “THAI SPA” works only on terms of preliminary check in, you may dial 220-94-54;
  • THAI SPA” would like to remind the guests about the preliminary check in one day before the visit. If guests do not confirm their booking before 18.00, their check will be automatically cancelled;
  • Gift certificates are nameless and it has a 1 year guarantee, which means you can give it to another guest any time during this period;
  • There is a possibility to replace the services with similar in price or with additional payment;
  • The Gift Certificate can not be refunded or redeemed;
  • The certificate cannot be redeemed if you loose it;
  • You should provide the Gift Certifiacte to the administrator of “THAI SPA” before all procedures;
  • We kindly ask to inform administrator of “THAI SPA” in advance about any changes in your check in;
  • If you reject your check in less then three hours before it, your Certificate is cancelled;
  • If you are late for more then 15 minutes and have not informed the administrator in advance, your check will be automatically cancelled;
  • We would like you to know that the time after the procedure has its own limitations. Administrator can knock the door and remind the guest that the procedure has finished.

With love salon “THAI SPA”!