SPA programms for face

  • 60 min — 4000 rubles

Cleansing/scrub/massage gouache/humidification.

Facial Massage Gouache – this is a base of the real youthfulness, natural skin recovery and increase of collagen.

This massage is performed by special plates which are made from the natural stone, we use pink quartz for this type of massage. This type of massage is great for treatment of the biologically active facial parts, which cleanses lymphatic capillaries, it helps to eliminate toxins from your skin. As a result, your skin will have a bright cosmetology lifting effect. The skin becomes soft, smooth and young.

оформите подарочный сертификат
  • 60 min – 3800 rub

Cleansing/ scrub/ herbal compress/ massage/ mask from seaweed/ moistening

оформите подарочный сертификат
  • 30 min – 2800 rub

Relaxing (scrub/ massage/moistening)

Refreshing (scrub/ mask/ moistening)

*This procedure is not provided separately